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Auto Accident Injury

Rehabilitative Massage

Rehabilitative massage is focused work to alleviate specific soft tissue injuries and dysfunctions.

On-Site Chair Massage

Massage therapy for the workplace, health fairs, and special events.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Medical massage is an essential part of the healing process for injuries that result from car accidents.

Relaxing Swedish Massage

Bliss out in a massage where every move is designed to reduce stress and feel amazing!

Headache Releif

Treat the root cause of the problem with focused massage therapy.

Postural Assessment

The way to determine the underlying cause of chronic soft tissue dysfunction.

Home Therapy Programs

Individually tailored treatment plans to maximize therapeutic results.

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Rehabilitative Massage

Address the cause, not just the symptom.
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Relaxation Massage

Bliss from your head to your toes.
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Auto Injury Treatment

Soft Tissue Injury Treatment.
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On-Site Chair Massage

Get your fix at work, home or a special event.
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Sacramento Massage Services

People need massage today more than ever! Stress levels are at an all- time high which is reflected in our bodies. Muscle tension and dysfunctional holding patterns that in turn cause repetitive injuries. Body Fix can help! Massage therapy is the leading soft tissue treatment and Body Fix Therapies specializes in rehabilitative and relaxation therapies. What sets us apart from most massage therapists is the fact that we really listen to each client so we can address their specific needs. We do NOT use routines! Instead we tailor each session to each client and put together treatment plans that will most benefit each individual. Come see the difference at Body Fix Therapies!