Body Fix Therapies
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Sarah comes to us with over 2 years experience on a wide range of patients. Her career focus is orthopedic work which is why she is such a great fit for Body Fix! With close apprenticeship with our Master Therapist Kym she has been able to blend her new found use of the SEAR technique with her problem solving skills to become very similar to Kym.

Her palpation skills and pressure are outstanding right out of the gate. She puts her all into each session.

Massage Modalities/Specialties: Deep Tissue, Orthopedic, Relaxation,Sports Massage, Auto and Work Accident Treatment,Migraines/Headaches, Active Release Technique

Hours available: Mon, Tue, Thur, 1 pm -7:30 pm, Sat 11:30 am-7:00 pm